Vehicle Assaults

Vehicle Assaults Training
Vehicle Assaults Training

GTI's Vehicle Assault Course is a basic level tactical class that is meant to provide the students with a firm understanding of Vehicle Assault concepts and operations. Covering particular concepts like the L, U, and Column Assaults. This course will also cover vehicle blocking, diversions & distractions, the use of a ballistic shield, front & rear blocks, and team organization & planning. Culminating in LIVE FIRE drills.

The training will begin with thought processing and individual tactics before moving into team tactics and technical skills. Upon completion of the class the student will understand the planning and preparation process required for a vehicle assault application and should be able to serve as a functional member of any assault team. It is up to the student to hone skills learned in this class, gain technical proficiency with other new skills and have a firm understanding and working knowledge of their individual policies and SOPs.

Course Objectives

  • To become familiarized with the basic techniques in vehicular assaults.
  • To become familiarized with current equipment and strategic concerns including cross-fire, lighting, extractions, and diversionary techniques.
Vehicle Assaults Training
Vehicle Assaults Training

Student Comments

  • "Sign up now!" This course was outstanding, in whole. I was very impressed with the instructors and the amount of collective tactical knowledge is quite impressive.
  • Get ready for great training! Some of the best training I've been to. Very positive instructors with a lot of experience to impart.
  • Excellent course, excellent instructors. They are professional and know their stuff. I would recommend we get to shoot nice cars like a Porsche or BMW.
  • DO IT!!! Great class! I have learned the basics of vehicle assaults and the rest is on me to get to my unit, polish the tactics on what I've learned.
  • The class was definitely worth the travel and the time the instructors taught was great, we will be able to train the rest of our team when we get home.
  • They are very good at teaching and will make sure you get the right knowledge.

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Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.