Asset Trading Program

GTI has created the Asset Trading Program to benefit underfunded law enforcement agencies by utilizing their forfeited-seized assets, and surplus law enforcement equipment to provide funds for attending GTI Training Courses or the purchase of new equipment. Use your agencies surplus vehicles, ammo, weapons, confiscated items, and forfeited-seized assets to fund your critical mission. This Asset Trading Program is designed to assist first responders in having a positive impact on their communities without using money from strained budgets.

How it works--

  1. Identify your agency's needs: Training or New Equipment
  2. Identify items that your agency has available for trade and contact GTI with specific item details.
  3. GTI then assesses the trade value for items to be traded.
  4. An agreement is made and contracted between your agency and GTI.
  5. The traded item(s) are transferred to GTI. Your agency provides titles, when needed, and Bills of Sale.
  6. GTI Training courses are scheduled or GTI purchases the desired equipment and it is then delivered to your agency.

If the Asset Trading Program is a funding option of interest, please view more information on our Asset Trading Program page or contact GTI via email: or by phone 803-259-1935 to discuss further.

Check out some of the Asset Trading Program Vendors that have partnered with GTI to provide products through the ATP.