ID-004-RESP - Immediate Action Teams (IAT) Active Shooter: Rapid Law Enforcement Tactical Response to Violence and Terrorism in the School Setting

Basic SWAT Training
Immediate Action Teams (IAT)
Active Shooter Training

The Preparedness of State and Local Law Enforcement officers is one of the major initiatives of the United States Department of Homeland Security. The immediate action team (IAT) active shooter training course provides law enforcement officers with proven tactics and techniques for first responders dealing with an active shooter and terrorist incidents

Course Description:

The Government Training Institute's Immediate Action Team (IAT) Active Shooter training course curriculum that has been reviewed and approved by D.H.S.'s Office of Grants & Training. This allows states the opportunity to apply their DHS training grant funding toward tuition, overtime, meals, lodging, and associated backfill costs for their first responders to attend.

The Government Training Institute's Immediate Action Team (IAT) Active Shooter training course covers 15 separate modules in 5 days. Students learn proven tactics and techniques for smaller first responder elements in dealing with an active shooter and the initial response to a terrorist incident. Students have daily practical exercises as well as written exams throughout the 5 day curriculum. The immediate action team (IAT) active shooter training course gives students instruction and practical application in the following tactical training areas:

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) awareness.
  • Mechanical and ballistic tactical breaching.
  • Proven tactical shooting skills during range sessions and force on force scenarios.
  • Proper techniques and skills needed to respond to an active shooter and terrorist situation.
  • Instruction covering the current practices and theories with respect to the Priority of Life and to develop an understanding of the difference between the traditional response and the acceptable response to an active shooter situation along with initial response to terrorist situations.
  • Instruction covering Terrorism, The Siege of Beslan, the Columbine High School Shootings as well as other active shooter incidents.
Active Shooter Suspect Down
Immediate Action Teams (IAT)
Active Shooter Training
Shooting Suspect Down

Student Testimonials

The instructor was very knowledgeable in the material that was covered. The live fire exercises helped improve my response and accuracy while presented with minor stressors. The AS drills that were conducted allowed me to think on my feet with the use of my classmates. When mistakes were made the instructor took the time to explain what happened and why, he also explained better ways to accomplish that objective. This is possibly the best training that I have received, with by far the best instructor, top notch training. Thank you. ~ Joseph Peavy: Law Enforcement Officer

The tactics were exceptional and taught by very knowledgeable instructors. With over 10 years of SWAT experience I learned a lot and my skill set was challenged. ~ Douglas McGeachy: Law Enforcement Officer

This class was one of the best classes I have taken in 17 years as a police officers. I feel my survivability in a gun battle has increased substantially. I thank all instructors. ~ Chris Bates: Law Enforcement Officer

This is a great course that should be attended by every police officer. I will be advising my training department to send all SWAT and Patrol Officers in my department. Great topic, course and instructor. Thank You ~ Augie Rocha: Law Enforcement Officer

I felt that this was an excellent course for any police officer. The drills that were taught should be implemented into every academy across the country. The information learned in this class will not only save police officer's lives but the lives of civilians, suspects and hostages. ~ Matthew McNichol: Law Enforcement Officer

Who Can Attend:

The Immediate Action Teams (IAT) Active Shooter training course is open to Law Enforcement and Military personnel ONLY. Each officer will show or verify employment prior to course registrations.

Tuition Includes:

  • Student manual
  • Conversion kits for duty weapons (for force on force scenarios)
  • All training consumables including man marking rounds for force on force scenarios
  • Certificate of completion

Required Individual Equipment:

  • Patrol Rifle If Issued / Issued Duty Weapon
  • Duty Gear (Pistol Belt And Holster)
  • Duty Uniform (5 Days Of Training)
  • Ballistic Vest
  • Range Gear (Eye And Ear Protection)
  • 350 Rounds Of Training Ammunition (Ammunition for range sessions available for purchase through GTI)

Download the Immediate Action Team (IAT) Active Shooter Student Registration Form

State and local law enforcement agencies can utilize Department of Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funds to pay for the course. It is important to note that although this training and the use of these Funds is approved by DHS, the agency's State Administrative Agencies (SAA) Training Point of Contact (POC) must approve the use of the funds to attend the course.

Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing, and we can provide tuition information and directions on how to proceed with gaining approval to utilize your states DHS funds to attend training.

Another option to assist with funding is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.