Undercover Narcotics Course (5 Days)

This is a 5 day course covering subjects related to narcotic investigations. The course curriculum covers the following topics in both a classroom environment and in practical exercises:

  • Undercover Assignments
  • Undercover Personnel & Techniques including: selecting undercover personnel, developing undercover identity, undercover tactics and assessing threats.
  • Undercover Operations Planning
  • Investigative Techniques
  • Surveillance
  • Indoor Marijuana Grows
  • Meth Labs
  • Parcel Interdiction
  • Search Warrants
  • Court Preparation
  • Undercover Codes & Alerts
  • Planning and execution of rescue operations, with a focus on dynamic entries into structures and vehicle assaults.

Tuition Includes:

  • Conversion Kits For Duty Weapons.
  • Scenario Safety Equipment
  • Man Marker Ammunition for Scenario Training
  • Certificate Of Completion

Required Gear List:

  • Patrol rifle if issued / issued duty weapon
  • Duty gear (pistol belt and holster)
  • Duty uniform / BDU's (5 days of training)
  • Ballistic vest
  • Range gear (eye and ear protection)
  • 1 Change of Role Player Clothing

Download the Undercover Narcotics Student Registration Form

Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing info@gtitraining.org, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.