Tactical Response to Terrorism (5 Days)

The Tactical Response to Terrorism - Immediate Action Course is an extremely fast paced and demanding five day class that focuses on the threat of terrorism, a major challenge facing federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, Department of Defense Personnel and those responsible for Force Protection. Tactical Response to Terrorism is a course designed for the front-line, developed from the identification of critical need factors facing U.S. Law Enforcement. This course was designed for the patrol officer, however small Special Team Units have given this course high evaluations. In light of a POST 9/11 world, skill sets for U.S. Law Enforcement requirements have changed. This Immediate Action, Counter Assault course takes the student through real life application and familiarization of the possible response.

This course provides the students knowledge in Current Terrorist Threats to America, Terrorist Modus Operandi, Operational Planning of Terrorist Groups, Pre-Incident Indicators and Prevention of Terrorist Attacks, and Suicide Bombers. Once students learn about the threats that they face, they will acquire skills that will assist them in quickly forming a plan and initiating a reaction to the threats by focusing on individual and team skills that will be required for a tactical response to a terrorist event.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify Certain Connections Between Various Groups and Parties as they Relate to Terrorist Activities Against the United States
  • Identify Behavioral Characteristics Based on Past Bombing Suspects
  • Identify PDD-39 and Its Implications to State and Local Officers
  • Identify the 5 Phases of Conditioning and Readiness
  • Explain the Advantages and Importance of Movement
  • Recognize the Effects of Bullet Ricochet
  • Demonstrate Effective Use of Cover
  • Define a Tactical Angle & Demonstrate proper techniques surrounding their uses to you and the team's advantage.
  • Demonstrate Ability To Manipulate and Carry Weapon in a Stack
  • Demonstrate Ability to Move Fluidly as a Single Element
  • Demonstrate Ability to Entry and Move Through Structures
  • Discuss the Priorities of Life Standards and Relate it to Your Agency's S.O.P.
  • Identify Different Entry Techniques & Styles
  • Demonstrate Ability to Form a Small, Effective, Quick Reaction Team
  • Demonstrate Ability to Contact and Control Occupants in a Structure Without Compromising Mission, SOP or Safety to Team, Yourself and Occupant
  • Demonstrate Ability to Surreptitiously Move as an Element
  • Demonstrate Ability to Move as a Combined Elements Quickly Through a Structure While Maintaining Surprise and Violence of Action
  • Demonstrate Ability to Make Entry With Coordinated Break and Rake, Breach and NFFD Deployments
  • Demonstrate Ability to Move Rapidly as an Element to the Objective and Eliminate any Threat
  • Demonstrate Ability to Rescue Hostages from Vehicles, Structures and Covered Piles
  • Demonstrate Ability to Make Split Second Decisions Based Upon Limited Knowledge of Situation and Quickly Evolving Suspect Actions
  • Demonstrate Ability to Quickly and Accurately Place Shots on Targets
  • Demonstrate Ability to Respond to Suicide Bomber Threat
  • Demonstrate Ability to Choose and Dawn Proper PPE
  • Demonstrate Ability to Protect Public and Perform Initial Assessment of Substance Based Upon Outward Warning Signs
  • Demonstrate Ability to Identify Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Justify the Continuance or Withdrawal of Entry Team Based Upon Mission and Observations of Device
  • Demonstrate Ability to Protect Self and Public From IED
  • Demonstrate Ability to Form Multi-Jurisdictional Team and Properly Handle Stronghold Takeover Incident with Hostages

Who Should Attend:

This information is strictly geared toward law enforcement officers. Requests for information on law enforcement training courses require employment verification.

Required Gear List:

  • Department Issued Sidearm & Rifle or Subgun
  • 500 Primary Rounds (Rifle or Subgun) 150 Secondary Rounds
  • BDU's (5 days)
  • Nomex or Comparable Fire Retardant Balaclava
  • Nomex or Comparable Fire Retardant Tactical Glove
  • Rain Gear (Goretex Is Preferred)
  • Knee Pads
  • Gas Mask
  • Body Armor (Can either be external or soft body internal)
  • Ear Protection / Eye Protection
  • Boots (2 Pair is highly Recommended)
  • 2 Flashlights (and any weapon mounted light)
  • Camelback or Canteens

Download the Tactical Response to Terrorism Student Registration Form

Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing info@gtitraining.org, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.