Basic and Advanced Sniper Training

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GTI Joint Operations Center
GTI's Joint Operations Center in Barnwell, SC.

The job of a highly trained marksman is to be able to deliver accurate fire on targets at different ranges. You are a support mechanism to overall mission success. A sniper should be able to operate, when needed, as a scout, intelligence gatherer, over watch and be in a position to accurately interdict targets.

In the world of law enforcement sniper operations, the sniper can end a dangerous hostage situation with a single shot. Being in a position to observe and relay information while remaining unseen is of critical importance. With all the technical wizardry of today, the sniper will ensure that the on scene commander has the proper information to make command decisions as the situation develops. You are the "eyes" of the operation.

GTI's 135 foot tall 10 story Sniper Tower
GTI's 135 foot tall 10 story Sniper Tower.

GTI's Non-conventional, Elevated, Sniper, Training (N.E.S.T.) program is specifically designed for law enforcement tactical teams who may be required to operate in urban and/or rural environments. At GTI, we have one of the most unique training facilities in the United States. It gives us the opportunity to put our sniper students in positions and scenarios that no other sniper training facility can.

GTI has a 135 foot/10 floor sniper training tower that we use for our program which gives our students the opportunity to learn to shoot from high angles, which is one of the most important skill sets that a modern, urban sniper must be familiar with. Scenarios such as shooting from the top of tall buildings in the middle of a city to shooting from the top of a sports stadium can be extremely difficult. These require a thorough understanding of how to quickly, competently and safely gather important intelligence of a target and/or make a high angle shot with complete confidence.

When tactical teams deploy snipers into high angle environments without the training to properly calculate the angle of each shot they create an unnecessary department liability. At GTI, we have the class that will bring your snipers/precision rifleman up to speed so that they can be confidently utilized in the safest legal and ethical manner.

GTI's Basic Sniper course is an intensive 5 day course which covers an introduction to basic sniper, sniper nomenclature, weapon selection and maintenance, weapon manipulation, shooting fundamentals, ballistics, target engagement, team movement and sniper operations.

GTI's Advanced Sniper course is a 5 day course which covers an introduction to advanced sniper, basic fundamentals, camouflage and tactical movement, final firing positions, observation and field sketching, ranging, wind evaluation, moving targets, barriers, low light firing, angular shooting and long range shooting.

GTI's 800 yard range from the Sniper platform
GTI's 800 yard range from the Sniper platform.
GTI's 800 Yard Range from above
GTI's 800 yard range from above.

Individual Equipment Needs:

  • Precision Rifle with adjustable turret scope, bipod and sling.
  • Match grade ammunition (a minimum of 500 rounds)
  • Spotting scope / Binoculars
  • Wind meter / Range finder / Ballistic Calculator (add the app to your phone)
  • Rifle data book / Communication equipment used in the field
  • Shooting Mat / Alternate shooting support i.e. back pack, tri pod, shooting sticks etc.
  • Weapon cleaning supplies
  • Note taking equipment
  • Hydration system
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Sun glasses / Sun screen / Bug spray
  • BDU's for 5 days / Rain gear / Hat
  • Ghillie Suit (Required for Advanced Sniper Optional for Basic Sniper)
  • Night vision scope (if available)

Student Testimonials

Phenomenal instructor. Very thorough in the material and he mad sure that we knew the information before moving on. My confidence in my abilities has more than doubled thanks to this class. I've been in law enforcement for 11.5 years and this was by far the best training I have attended. ~ Joseph Starkey: Law Enforcement Corporal.

Instructor went out of his way to ensure every student left with a sound understanding of topics covered. Each of us is going home a better, more knowledgeable shooter. ~ Benjamin Conner: Law Enforcement Detective.

These courses are restricted to Law Enforcement And Military Personnel Only. Each student will show or verify employment prior to course.
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Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.