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Qal-Tek Associates LLC has joined the Government Training Institute (GTI) in a joint venture to offer their hazardous material technician training courses at GTI's Joint Operations Center in Barnwell South Carolina. The offerings include the Radiation Response Specialist Course, the Radiological Event Scenario Training (REST) and the Advanced Radiological Contamination (ARC) and Decontamination Course.

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

Qal-Tek Associates LLC, in partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), is pleased to offer the Radiation Response Specialist Course. This three-day course has been developed in strict compliance with NFPA 472 CH 18, Competencies for the Hazardous Materials Technician with a Radioactive Materials Specialty. It is also eligible for Pro Board certification.

Our team of world class instructors is dedicated to providing candidates the technical knowledge and tactical skills necessary to perform the following critical tasks safely:

  • Analyze a hazardous materials incident involving radioactive materials to determine the complexity of the problem and potential outcomes.
  • Plan a response for an emergency involving radioactive material within the capabilities and competencies of available personnel, personal protective equipment, and control equipment based on an analysis of the radioactive material incident.
  • Implement the planned response to a hazardous materials incident involving radioactive material.

Qal-Tek Radiation Response Specialist Course

The course is designed to replicate reality and incorporates the use of significant licensed radioactive sources. Students are encouraged to bring their agency's assigned radiological survey instrumentation. This is an advanced-level training course and candidates should have a working knowledge of basic algebra. This course is open to first responders and military responders in the following disciplines:

  • Current Qualified Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Technician (must bring certificate)
  • Radiation Safety Officers (RSO)
  • Specialized DOD and DHS First Response Teams
  • U.S. Army Civil Support and Technical Escort Teams
  • United States Marine Corps (USMC) CBIRF
  • United States Airforce (USAF) CBRNE Response Teams
  • U.S. Special Operations CBRNE Reconnaissance Detachment (CRD) Team Member

Special requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Qal-Tek Radiation Response Specialist Training Course
Qal-Tek Radiation Response Specialist Course

Prerequisites for certification include verified certification (ProBoard, DOD or IFSAC only) to the Hazardous Materials Technician level.

Prerequisites are verified through The Pro Board National Registry, the Department of Defense, Fire & Emergency Services Certification Program, Lookup System and/or IFSAC. Individual state certifications will not be accepted.

Reference: NFPA 472 Pre-requisites for HM Tech Rad: The hazardous materials technician with a radioactive material specialty shall be trained to meet all competencies at the awareness level (see Chapter 4), all competencies at the operations level (see Chapter 5), all competencies at the hazardous materials technician level (see Chapter 7), and the competencies of this chapter.

The Radiation Response Specialist Course can be combined with the Radiological Event Scenario Training (REST) program to offer a full 5-day training event with 2-days of hands on scenario training running through search/locate and contamination training lanes.

Radiological Event Scenario Training (REST)

The REST program consists of a matrix of radiological training scenarios, using real radiological materials, which can be selected from to provide response experience to fit the specific training needs for Hazardous Materials Technicians, Emergency Medical, Law Enforcement, DOD, DHS and other specialized response teams.

Radiological Event Scenario Training (REST)
Radiological Event Scenario Training (REST)
Types of Incidents available:
  • Clandestine Lab (Pre-Detonation Lab)
  • RDD (Post Detonation, Site-Various)
  • RED - IND (Dose Field Size Flexible)
  • Medical Transport
  • WMD in Transport (shielded)
  • Industrial Device
  • Medical Lab/Hospital
  • Fukushima Replication (simulate contamination over an entire city scape)
  • Plume Field Dose Survey
  • Large Source Walk-Up
  • ARC training
  • Custom Built Scenarios

*We can run week long trainings that can integrate multiple scenarios into the training throughout the week.

Advanced Radiological Contamination (ARC) and Decontamination Course

Participant Prerequisite: Radiation Awareness/ User Training

Advanced Radiological Contamination (ARC) and Decontamination Course
Advanced Radiological Contamination (ARC) and Decontamination Course

The Advanced Radiological Contamination (ARC) training program is designed for First Responders, DOD, DHS and other specialized teams with a mission to conduct radiological and nuclear incident response operations.

Through the introduction of loose form radioactive contamination in realistic scenario, participants are able to operate in a known radiological contaminated environment while performing mission critical CBRNE response tasks including contamination control, exposure control, decontamination, measurement and detection.

ARC is a fully scalable training program that can be adapted or modified to meet the specific requirements of a particular organization.

Purpose: To develop the participant's knowledge, skills and understanding of the challenges and dynamics of working in a known radiologically contaminated environment.

Specific areas of focus:

  • Radiological survey and monitoring
  • Detection of radiological contamination
  • Radiological contamination avoidance
  • Decontamination processes
  • CBRNE Site Assessment
  • Sampling Operations

Note: ARC is a fully scalable training program that can be adapted or modified to meet the specific requirements of a particular organization.

About Qal-Tek Associates LLC

Qal-Tek's founders, Dale Snowder and Bryce Rich foresaw a need to provide economical and reliable calibration services to users of radiological materials. When they initially founded Qal-Tek in 1998, they began as a radiation detection instrument calibration and repair facility. Since then it has expanded the depth and breadth of its services considerably.

Within a year of its start, Qal-Tek also began calibrating and repairing Nuclear Density Gauges and Construction Testing Equipment. Their reach also expanded to cover a large section of the country with the addition of offices in Texas and Arizona plus two mobile labs. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest calibration facilities in the country, and one of the few with ISO 17025 Accreditation.

By 2004, Qal-Tek's name had become well known in the Nuclear, Medical, Industrial, and Construction Industries throughout the United States. In 2007, the US NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) granted Qal-Tek a very broad service type license, allowing it to expand its services to assist licensees with their radiation safety needs.

Their Radiation Safety Support Services now include:

  • Radiological Calibration & Repair
  • Radiological Safety Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Support Services including performing audits, modifying licenses, responding to violations, area surveys, nuclear device leak tests & shutter checks, etc.
  • Source Collection & Disposal
  • Providing Dosimetry Services
  • Supplying Radiological Instrumentation
  • Managing entire CBRNE instrument inventory for small and large entities to save costs

Qal-Tek's continuous dedication to superior customer service and quality has created a culture within the organization that has enabled it to assist many of the largest US corporations, state agencies, federal agencies, and other public entities.

Qal-Tek is dedicated to finding new and even revolutionary solutions to enhance radiation safety in the US. It's employees are seasoned professionals with a great deal of expertise and sensitivity to meeting the complex and often times conflicting goals of meeting regulations and budgets while optimizing safety. With a well-established and proven track record of meeting these goals, Qal-Tek has built an organization that has stayed true to its founding beliefs and principles.


The Government Training Institutes Joint Operations Center (JOC), is a state-of-the-art tactical training facility located in Barnwell, South Carolina. GTI was founded in 2003 to address the tactical needs of U.S. law enforcement and military through research-based training.

The Joint Operations Center is well suited for military and law enforcement courses. We can customize the curricula and training site to fit your organization's tactical mission. Onsite course pricing is determined on an individual basis. Please contact us, using the information at the bottom of the page, for a quote. GTI training centers have classroom space (with A / V equipment), breakout rooms for small group skill stations, multiple structures for training simulations and an 800 yard live fire range. GTI can also provide logistical support and secure equipment storage.