Jason Kelly Defensive Tactics Instructor

Instructor Jason Kelly

Multi-faceted professional with 25+ years training and 15 years of experience training and supporting law enforcement agencies, military units, and world class athletes. Specializing in small unit tactics and close quarters combat (armed & unarmed). Accomplished and renowned for generating unique and effective blocks of instruction to satisfy each customer's specific needs.

Jason Kelly is an accomplished combative athlete with over 28 years of proven experience and instruction. Throughout his professional career, Jason has been recognized for his ability to turn athletes into world class champions, and develop intuitive weapons-based combative programs for law enforcement agencies and military.

As the first American Top Team main academy wrestling coach and teaching at multiple ATT locations for 15+ years as well as fight schools around the country, an accomplished competitive shooter, and small unit tactics specialist, Jason blends proven techniques from each discipline into a holistic program that is difficult for others to duplicate.

Instructor Jason Kelly Training

Jason conditions his clients to understand the human variables that normally dictate the close-quarters environment, and immerses them in unique and effective blocks of instruction to satisfy their specific needs.

Whether it be an armed or unarmed circumstance, Jason's programs are designed to protect against attack, while simultaneously generating options for his clients to control, attack, defend, or have the ability to disengage.

Jason Kelly's programs and curriculum is catered to men and women in a working environment.