Brian Roberts Fire/EMS Instructor

Brian has been with the Orange County Fire Authority in Orange County California for over 20 years and currently holds the rank of Fire Captain. He works at one of the busiest stations in the nation and has received a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result.

Brian is a certified Paramedic, Search Team Manager of a FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Team, Hazardous Materials Specialist, and State Certified Terrorism Specialist. Brian's real passion is to train and inform Fire, EMS, and Law enforcement personnel the tactics of responding to Terrorism and Active Shooter Incidents from experiences working with an Orange County Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT) consisting of Fire, EMS, SWAT and Bomb Squad responses.

Brian's Specialties include: Paramedic/Preceptor/Instructor, Hazardous Materials Specialist/Instructor, WEFIT Peer Fitness Trainer/Academy PT Coordinator, Urban Search & Rescue Search Team Manager, State Terrorism and Homeland Security Specialist and Honor Guard.

Brian's Teaching Experience includes: AHA CPR Instructor with 20+ years with; Saddleback College, Santa Ana College and the OCFA, Paramedic Instructor with Saddleback College, Emergency Medical Responder Instructor & Course Manager with Capo-Laguna ROP, EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) Instructor/Program Coordinator with OCFA, Law Enforcement Response to Terrorism Instructor with OCSD and Haz Mat FRO and Technician Instructor with OCFA.