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GTI Monthly Mission Brief
Gangs and Terrorists: Partners in Crime.

By Sgt. Lou Savelli, NYPD (retired)

Lou Savelli
You could still smell the odor of the burned towers of the World Trade Center all the way to the East Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn weeks after the attacks. On the corner of Clarendon Road, a few feet from Flatbush Avenue, it was business as usual. Haitian Mafia Crips were spread out across the four corners looking for Five-Oh. People were heading home in the darkness after a long day at work in Manhattan. They seemed almost oblivious, or frightened, to the gang colors and apparent drug dealing as they scurried across the street homeward like mice racing to a hole in a wall when the lights go on. "There's a hand to hand!" clamored Detective Paul Rossi, lead investigator for the case. His voice resounded with some confusion over the tac radio about a drug deal that just went down on the corner. "Male black, blue Colorado Rockies cap, blue North Carolina jersey, blue jeans and white and blue KSWISS sneakers", he continued.

Before he could make another radio transmission, I cut him off. "Unless he's dealing for our subjects, disregard the Crips on the corner! We're here for the Palestinians in the grocery store. They are our targets! We have a new mission, now!" The radio immediately became silent as we continued our surveillance on an alleged Palestinian funding cell working for an unnamed foreign terrorist group. As tough as it was to stand down on a ground ball drug deal by gang bangers, most likely armed with hand guns, my unit and I were now reassigned to work terrorists in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. After spending several days at the World Trade Center searching through the rubble and learning the names of several fellow officers who were killed, it was an assignment I accepted immediately and with great aggression. Yes, aggression! I was pissed and I couldn't wait to get my hands on anyone remotely connected to Bin laden.

Read the complete story on our website.

For more information on GTI's Gangs and Terrorism courses visit our website.
GTI's SWAT Courses

Scott Sailor
GTI is proud to have Basic, Type III, Type II and Type I SWAT courses on the DHS-State Sponsored catalog. Participants will learn proven tactics, techniques and procedures for SWAT operations including those specific to terrorist threats and current mission essential tasks utilized by SWAT teams across the nation.

To attend or bring a GTI DHS-Basic, Type III, II or I SWAT course to your agency or area, please feel free to contact me for a free quote.

ID-001-RESP Type III Advanced - SWAT Operations for Terrorist Environments
ID-002-RESP Type II Advanced - SWAT Operations for Terrorist Environments
ID-003-RESP Type I Advanced - SWAT Operations for Terrorist Environments
ID-006-RESP Basic SWAT - Law Enforcement Tactical Operations for Terrorism Response

Scott Sailor
Training Coordinator
803-259-1935 - Office
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A Special Thanks From GTI

Alec Sarrazolla
September was a busy month for GTI. We took our classes on the road to Santa Ana, California, Smyrna, Delaware, Rapides Parish, Louisiana and finally Reading, Pennsylvania. It was an honor to see some of our past clients again and to welcome new ones as well. Over 100 officers participated in our Immediate Action Teams Class, Basic Swat Class, and advanced Swat Typing Classes this month. A special thank you to Rosa Ponce De Leon from Anaheim PD, Angie Branton from Rapides Parish Office of Homeland Security, Harvey Velott, WMD Coordinator DSHS, and Chief Chris Neidert from Exeter PD for all your hard work behind the scenes.

Do you know what all these agencies had in common?
They all utilized DHS funding to pay for the class tuition.
Feel free to contact me directly if I can assist you in doing the same for your department!

Alec Sarrazolla
GTI Training Coordinator
803-259-1935 - Office
Students Attended GTI's Surveillance Operations Course

Scott Sailor
On September 19th - 23rd, agents from the Charleston Police Department attended GTI's 5 day Surveillance class. During the 5 day course students learned the skills necessary to conduct surveillance in support of law enforcement, military and unconventional operations. Whether conducting narcotics investigations or investigating suspected terrorist personnel, surveillance skills are a necessary asset that enhances the spectrum of operational capabilities. Properly planned and executed surveillance missions greatly increases the probabilities of success of follow-on missions conducted against the target. GTI would like to thank Sgt. Jason Bruder for all his hard work behind the scenes for bringing this course to his team. To bring the Surveillance course or any other GTI course to your agency or area, please feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Scott Sailor
Training Coordinator
803-259-1935 - Office
GTI Joint Operations Center (JOC)
Training Facilitation and Operational Amenities

  • Secure Weapons Storage
  • Secure High Explosives Storage
  • Construction of all obstacles, target arrays, and scenarios
  • Operational Capabilities / Training Secrecy
  • Elimination of ammo draws
  • Consumable items used during the training event
  • Meals can be provided on and off site as part of your training
GTI's Training Coordinators can facilitate the delivery of all needed materials to your training area, as well as coordinate other logistics associated with your training event, allowing units to train and train only.

For more information on the facility visit our Training Facility webpage. To schedule a training event or a site visit, please contact the Government Training Institute by calling 803-259-1935 or via email at

26th MEU Training at the Joint Operations CenterJoint Operations Center
Oct 24th - Nov 16th
Nov 1st - Nov 4th
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Dec 1st - Dec 3rd
Dec 5th - Dec 7th
The Government Training Institute (GTI) was founded in 2003 to address needs of state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States with research based training. GTI's multiple courses contain a cooperative curriculum base and ongoing research from the staff with 400 years of operational military and law enforcement experience.

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