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GTI Monthly Mission Brief
September 11, 2001 Reflect and Remember

September 7, 2011 by Dennis O'Connor - Director of Training

Dennis O'Connor
As we approach the tenth anniversary of 911, we as a nation should reflect on the bravery of our first responders and civilians that lost their lives on that tragic day. The days that followed showed a unity among Americans, regardless of background and differences that could be felt around the world.

Our country was soon propelled into the war to defend our democracy and freedoms that our constitution entitles us to have. The war on Terrorism soon became a national goal among our military and our law enforcement.

Having worked as a law enforcement officer in a jurisdiction in close proximity to New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, I felt the winds of change that were about to occur in our daily lives. My department was inundated with money, equipment and training as were other jurisdictions.

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Surveillance, Tactical Breaching and Tactical Response to Terrorism

Scott Sailor
September 19th - 23rd Surveillance in Barnwell, SC
October 11th - 13th Tactical Breaching in Barnwell, SC
October 24th - 28th Tactical Response to Terrorism in Barnwell, SC

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Scott Sailor
Training Coordinator
803-259-1935 - Office
Gangs and Terrorists in our Midst as Partners in Crime:
The Newest Threat Exposed as the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th arrives.

September 7, 2011 by Sgt. Lou Savelli, NYPD (retired)

Lou Savelli
In the last few years, US Armed Forces, Federal Agencies, Intelligence Officials and Border Protection Agents have been increasingly concerned about the threat of terrorism and its connection to the US-Mexico border. In our training course, Gangs and Terrorism, we have exposed the historical and current connection between, what the government calls 'Special Interest Aliens' (Aliens from countries that Al Qaeda is active), and gang members. In our effort to help America's Homeland Security Forces and local, state and federal law enforcement officers better prepare for this increasing threat, we, at GTI, have exposed a myriad of conspiracies and links between foreign terrorists, American Street gangs, Transnational Organized Criminals and Drug Cartels and how their partnerships can be found in so many American cities.

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Students Attend GTI's Immediate Action Teams (Active Shooter) Course

In August, officers from the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Fayette County District Attorney's Office, Deptford Township PD, Uniontown City PD, Masontown PD, Pennsylvania State Police, Redstone Township PD, Brownsville Borough PD, Connellsville PD and Perryopolis PD attended GTI's Immediate Actions Team (Active Shooter) course in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The IAT course gave students instruction and practical application in the following tactical training:
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) awareness.
  • Mechanical and ballistic tactical breaching.
  • Proven tactical shooting skills during range sessions and force on force scenarios.
  • Proper techniques and skills needed to respond to an active shooter and terrorist situation.
  • Instruction covering the current practices and theories with respect to the Priority of Life and to develop an understanding of the difference between the traditional response and the acceptable response to an active shooter situation along with initial response to terrorist situations.
  • Instruction covering Terrorism, The Siege of Beslan, the Columbine High School Shootings as well as other active shooter incidences.
To attend or bring a GTI DHS-IAT or any of GTI's courses to your agency or area, please feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Scott Sailor - Training Coordinator - - Office 803-259-1935


The JOC is a former nuclear fuels reprocessing plant that has been converted into an all hazards training site. With much of the structures remaining complete, including control room, tanks, miles of pipes, etc., the JOC can offer a real world training experience.

Scenario Based Training Facilitations for:
  • Chemical agent production or incident
  • Biological agent production or incident
  • Radiological agent production or incident
  • Nuclear agent production or incident
  • Explosive production or incident
  • IED rigged buildings and lanes
  • Clandestine labs
  • Confined space rescue/recovery
  • Chemical and Biological WMD-Warfare
  • Radiological WMD
  • Industrial Agents WMD
  • Asymmetrical Weapons
  • Decontamination
To schedule a training event or to set-up a site visit, please contact Jason Kemper at 803-259-1935 or
Sep 19th - Sep 23rd
Oct 3rd - Oct 21st
Oct 3rd - Oct 28th
Oct 11th - Oct 13th
Oct 24th - Oct 28th
Oct 24th - Nov 16th
Nov 1st - Nov 4th
Nov 4th - Nov 10th
Surveillance (Barnwell, SC)
Type II SWAT (Buffalo, NY)
Type III-II-I SWAT (Smyrna, DE)
Tactical Breaching (Barnwell, SC)
Tactical Response to Terrorism (Barnwell, SC)
Type II SWAT (Barnwell, SC)
Custom Law Enforcement (Barnwell, SC)
Basic SWAT (Stroudsburg, PA)
The Government Training Institute (GTI) was founded in 2003 to address needs of state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States with research based training. GTI's multiple courses contain a cooperative curriculum base and ongoing research from the staff with 400 years of operational military and law enforcement experience.

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