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GTI Monthly Mission Brief
A Message from GTI President Chadd Harbaugh

July always serves as a reminder of what's really important to the American way of life -- our independence. It's also a great time to recognize what it takes to protect the liberties that can sometimes go unnoticed. It's important to note that since September 11th, law enforcement and military professionals have remained dedicated to defeating hostile acts of terror by putting service before self in order to keep the American people safe. For that we thank you!

Over the past few years, the availability of researched-based training for the firstresponder and the establishment of interagency teams have kept our nation safe. In the past six months, we've partnered with organizations in California, Georgia, South Carolina and in this month's newsletter we'd like to recognize these organizations and the professionals who remain committed to training and protecting our way of life. Thanks for your dedication and hard work.

Chadd Harbaugh, GTI President
"Success in Not by Chance!"

Joint Operations Center

Facility Rentals Available

GTI controls over $1 billion worth of facility assets in South Carolina. Strategically located between New York and Miami, GTI is within an eight hour drive of 75% of the U.S. population, 65% of U.S. law enforcement entities and within 500 miles of ten major military instillations. The facilities are situated on 18,000+ acres of land and include:
  • Over 700,000 Sq. Ft. of Training Facilities
  • The Nation's ONLY Radiologically Sterile Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Facility
  • 9 Story Above Surface Structure
  • 12 Story Structure
  • 7 Stories Subsurface
  • 5 Stories Above
  • Pipe and Tank Farm
  • Urban / Commercial Areas
  • Heavily Wooded Property
  • Firearms / Explosive Breaching Range
  • MOUT Facilities
  • Rappel Towers
  • HLZs
  • DZs and Assault Zones
  • Land Navigation Course
  • Waterborne Assets
  • 29,000 Sq. Ft. Office Space
  • 3 Classrooms
  • Multiple Briefing Rooms

GTI's Joint Operation Center (JOC) is a premier tactical training center to today's military and law enforcement personnel. GTI's JOC is available to solve your facilitation and training needs. For more information contact

Training Facility Update

CQB and MOUT Structures Under Construction

The installation of CQB walls inside GTI's facility in South Carolina is underway. These CQB structures will be utilized by military and law enforcement professionals working on Close Quarters Battle, Urban Movement, Direct Action and Hostage Rescue skills. The CQB wall configurations include window ports and doors that can accommodate mechanical, ballistic, exothermic and explosive breaching.

Military and law enforcement professionals hone CQB skills at GTI's facility in South Carolina.

Military and law enforcement professionals hone CQB skills at GTI's facility in South Carolina
Set inside one of the main training areas, GTI can control lighting and climate and organizations can train completely discreetly. GTI currently has approximately 100,000 sq. ft. worth of portable CQB walls that accommodate all forms of training munitions. Additional walls and structures will be constructed throughout the year. GTI is currently working with other entities to allow the ability for the surface of the walls to be reconfigured rapidly to change the appearance and texture so the same space can be utilized to replicate structures from various regions around the globe.

Interagency Training Organizations

Tour GTI Training Facilities

Representatives from Linc Government Services Operational Support Services (OSS) division and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) toured two of GTI's South Carolina training facilities on May 22. Officials discussed how GTI's facilities may be utilized to assist training efforts of state, local and international law enforcement agencies and help satisfy these agencies rigorous training requirements. During the tour, OSS provided foreign weapon systems to shoot at GTI's range.

Linc Government Services, commonly known as Operational Support and Services (OSS), provides language and cultural immersion training in support of Department of Defense contracts. The organization's expanded capabilities offer niche-capability, subject matter experts (SMEs) and trainers in the areas of leadership training, foreign weapons training, pre-deployment training, cultural expertise and other specialized military training programs. The FLETC serves as an interagency law enforcement training organization over 85 Federal agencies. The FLETC Center provides services to state, local and international law enforcement agencies. The coordination of GTI, OSS and FLETC programs will offer training excellence and cost-efficiency to the Federal Government.

Right - View from the roof of one of the structures at GTI's Joint Operations Center - North America's only radiologically sterile nuclear fuels reprocessing center.

Lower Left - OSS and FLETC officials identify how GTI's facilities will assist training efforts of state, local and international law enforcement agencies.

Lower Right - GTI, FLETC and OSS officials fire rounds at GTI's range in South Carolina.

GTI - OSS - FLETC Tour GTI Facility

GTI - OSS - FLETC Tour GTI Facility

GTI - OSS - FLETC Tour GTI Facility

The Government Training Institute (GTI) was founded in 2003 to address needs of state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States with research based training. GTI's multiple courses contain a cooperative curriculum base and ongoing research from the staff with 400 years of operational military and law enforcement experience.

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