BREACHPEN - A Breakthrough Cutting Tool

October 3rd, 2018 By Brian Naillon - Asset Trading Program Coordinator


The Breachpen is a revolutionary new tool that is smaller than a road flare prior to deployment and just slightly larger than a road flare once deployed. It is a game changer in the tactical and rescue worlds. The Breachpen is classified as an incendiary device that serves as an exothermic cutting torch similar to the well-known Broco Torches that are already in use in tactical teams and rescue units around the world. The great thing about the Breachpen is that you don't have to carry an oxygen tank on your back, and its compact size and light weight lets you carry multiple ones on an operation. But before I dive into more details about this ground-breaking tool, let me provide you with a statement of the history behind this tool from Brian Cole, a former USAF PJ and the CEO of Breachpen.

"Necessity breeds innovation". There was a chemist who needed to clear a power line in his front yard after a storm and wasn't sure if the power had been turned off. He blended a thermite mix and formed it over the line, then ignited it. That marked the conception of the idea to create an autonomous emergency cutting device, capable of employment in any environment, to deal with the unexpected. Years later, Brian Cole (prior USAF PJ) began research and development to see how this tool fit the mission of a tactician. This led to redundancy, reliability; principles we all look for in our gear, to be applied to the tool to ensure it met mission needs. The Breachpen is a new concept that allows each person on target to have an emergency cutting tool that can keep the mission flow, ultimately aiding in suppressing the threat and saving lives. This is a force multiplier for the Breacher's mission, and a life saver for the first responder. Low vis teams, SOF, SWAT, and disaster response forces have been the early adopters of this tool. The capability is dealt exclusively to law enforcement / first responders, military, and fire department teams. If you are a qualifying customer, contact with code: "GTI" in the message subject to equip your operators with the Breachpen. - Brian Cole CEO

BREACHPEN Compared Against A Flare

Now that you know about the history of the Breachpen and how an idea was transformed into a game changing concept for breaching and rescue tools, let me tell you even more about this amazing device. The Breachpen stays lit for up to 24 seconds depending on what type of material you are cutting and its thickness. With an ignition temperature of 1440*C and 2800*C it can cut through locks, rebar, chains, bolts, fences, cable and much more like a hot knife through butter. During one of my cuts to get certified with the Breachpen, I cut through ΒΌ inch rebar like it was nothing. The ease with which cuts can be made, combined with its compact size and ease of use, make it a very effective tool in keeping the momentum of an operation going. An operator does not have to stop and wait for a Breacher when he is equipped with one of these tools. Since the speed of the operation is kept up, it helps to ensure the safety of the operators and anyone they may be rescuing. Another great thing about the Breachpen is that the magnesium does not ignite if impacted by a 9MM, 5.56, or 7.62 round that hits the rod, ensuring the safety of the operator.

I am a true believer in the endless capabilities of the Breachpen and, if I was a member of a tactical team, I would, without a doubt, be carrying at least three on my kit during all operations. Being a former firefighter and EMT I also see the endless possibilities for its rescue capabilities as well. Time is critical in the world of law enforcement, military operations, as well as first responders and EVERY SECOND COUNTS! The Breachpen was tested in the field by Brian Cole the CEO who was a former USAF PJ and resulted in being a crucial part of his kit for operations. I was convinced of the true game changing capabilities of this tool after my own firsthand experience in seeing how easily it can be used, its compact size, and its endless capabilities. Because of these reasons, we are proud that Breachpen had joined forces with GTI to become a part of our Asset Trading Program (ATP). Now agencies can trade in their surplus equipment or forfeited/seized assets in exchange for Breachpens or training provided by GTI.