PolicePosts Mission Tourniquet

PolicePosts Mission Tourniquet

January 10, 2018 By Government Training Institute

Why are Tourniquets important?

Law Enforcement Officers, if given the right education, information, resources and tools can have the ability to save the public, themselves and/or their co-workers from traumatic extremity injuries by carrying and using a tourniquet. Per a study published in July 2017 in JAMA Surgery, "Emergency Medical Services Response Times in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Areas", it was determined that across the nation, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) arrived to a call in an average of seven (7) minutes within an urban setting and fourteen (14) minutes in a rural setting. The same study also concluded that one out of ten responses required up to a 30 minute wait. An individual can go unconscious then potentially into cardiac arrest in as little as two minutes due to blood loss when the person has a complete bifurcation of the femoral or brachial artery. The tourniquet can be an effective tool until EMS arrives on scene to administer their advanced care.

Owners of Odin Medical

PolicePosts Mission Tourniquet: Our goal is to provide Law Enforcement Officers with a simple life-saving device called a tourniquet. It's been noted that some Law Enforcement agencies do not provide their Officers with such medical gear, which is very unfortunate. This was brought to our attention and we decided to take action. This all started when PolicePosts raised money, by selling patches to buy North American Rescue CAT Gen 7s for Officers who were not provided them. It was successful, but we knew we needed to do more. After receiving hundreds of messages from Officers and agencies asking how they could get on the list to receive these tourniquets, we decided to launch Mission TQ.

Our mission is to raise $30,000 in a 60-day period with 100% of the proceeds going to outfit Law Enforcement Agencies, across this country with new North American Rescue CAT Gen 7s. We realize that we could not launch this on our own. We reached out to Odin Medical and Defensive Depot and with their experience and expertise, we launched Jan 1st, 2018. PolicePosts has great relationships with companies and respected instructors like GTI, Gamut Resolutions, Virtus Outdoors, Guerrilla Approach, and many more who support this mission. We are most honored to have their support as well as the support of our loyal followers whom we consider family.

We believe that medical gear should be a part of issued equipment. More importantly, quality medical training should be mandatory. Nevertheless, diminishing budgets play a major roll that prevents Officers from attending medical training and receiving proper medical gear. Many Officers pay out of pocket for their own medical gear and training. This gear is not only for them but for the people they are sworn to protect at all cost. EVERYONE goes home. Thank you for all your support. Stay Safe Family. Stay Effective. Click the link to donate to Mission Tourniquet now and help provide Officers with a basic piece of medical equipment that could greatly save the lives of themselves, fellow Officers, or civilians.

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About us:

PolicePosts LLC owned by two active duty Law Enforcement Officers. We have a very strong team including another LEO and graphic designer/IT specialist. The four of us train hard and put time into improving the LE community. Our Mission Statement: Providing training information and endorsing experienced/quality training companies and instructors in multiple disciplines. PolicePosts exist for the Law Enforcement, first responder and prepared community. (Follow on Instagram: @policeposts & @policepostsllc)

Odin Medical - A Veteran owned business that specializes in teaching and provides the equipment for life saving First Aid. (Follow on Instagram: @odin_medical)

Defensive Depot - Firearm Accessories Company owned by Mike Black and Michelle Viscusi (Follow on Instagram: @defensivedepot)