The NeoMag

September 06, 2017 By Dave Young (YoungBuckDave)

The NeoMag

As a long time concealed carry holder, Graig Davis (NeoMag inventor and owner) knew the importance of carrying a second magazine. Not happy with any of the solutions on the market at the time, he set out to engineer the most over-built, yet simple, magazine holder ever. The first must-have feature is that the NeoMag needs to stay firmly clipped in place so it doesn’t come out with the magazine. Using a very strong titanium clip and a rubber pad was the best solution. The next feature that really sets the NeoMag apart is the very strong rare-earth magnet called Neodymium. The use of this magnet creates a device that does not have to wrap around the magazine, but retains it in place, whether single or double stacked. After measuring many magazines, Graig realized the four major calibers used in carry guns could be covered by making only three NeoMag sizes. The sizes include: large which fits 45ACP magazines, medium which fits 40S&W and 9MM magazines, and small which fits 380ACP magazines. Lastly, Graig wanted to build the NeoMag using the best materials and finishes possible in order to create a product that would last a lifetime. Using steel finished with black nitride, the same finish used by the industry’s biggest gun manufacturers, Graig produced a very strong and nearly indestructible product in the NeoMag. He sources all of the parts from within the United States, and assembles and ships them from Akron, Ohio.

After releasing the NeoMag to the public, it quickly caught the attention of law enforcement officers around the United States, especially those that work undercover or in plainclothes instead of a uniform. The fact that it is an unobtrusive and inconspicuous way to carry a spare magazine for men and women in that field was a huge benefit. Here are some testimonials from officers who use the NeoMag on a daily basis.

The NeoMag The NeoMag

      "Love the NeoMag, such a great product and MUST HAVE for any LEO or any person that carries. I use it to carry my extra mag in my cargo pocket for my duty weapon." PO Marquez, NYPD.

      "I use the NeoMag every day on duty. As an agency detective, I hate the kydex molded mag pouches. Too much pressure on nerves in my hips. It's just easier to carry the NeoMag in my pocket, plus it's less weight!" Henry Marchesani, Det./Sgt. Bel Air Police Dept (MD)

      "I have been a deputy in Georgia for the past ten years. I received two NeoMags for my birthday from my wife. I've been in plain clothes fugitive/SWAT investigations for the past three years. I love using the NeoMag when not wearing our tactical vests." AJ Butsko, Fugitive Investigator/SWAT

      "I am an officer with CBP DHS. I bought a NeoMag about two years ago and use it when I fly armed or any other operation that requires me to be in plain clothes. It's a great product." Roger Ambreau CBP DHS

I personally have been using a NeoMag on a daily basis and have changed my entire outlook on how you can carry a spare magazine comfortably. The magazine stays securely in your pocket until you are ready to use it due to the high-quality design of the NeoMag. Whether you are a civilian who carries a firearm on a daily basis or you’re a law enforcement officer, the NeoMag is an amazing product for all walks of life.