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September 06, 2017 Roger Heaton, GTI Training Coordinator

In today's economy, agency heads, training officers, tactical team leaders and others are facing the challenge of offering quality, meaningful, realistic, training to their officers and tactical teams with limited funds and sometimes no funds at all.

Every day the news is filled with stories concerning cities and counties experiencing budget shortfalls that require cutting their budgets. Unfortunately, training is often the first item in the budget to get cut.

Training, if it's any good, is a dress rehearsal for a real life, real time event. These real life events are costing us law enforcement lives every day.

To assist agencies with this problem, GTI has created the Asset Trading Program. The program is designed to assist underfunded law enforcement agencies by utilizing their forfeited-seized assets, and surplus law enforcement equipment to provide funds for GTI training or to purchase much needed non-budgeted equipment.

You can use your agencies surplus vehicles, ammo, weapons, confiscated items, and forfeited-seized assets to fund your critical mission. This program is designed to assist first responders in having a positive impact on their communities without using money from their strained budgets.

If the Asset Trading Program is a funding option of interest to you, please contact us via email: or by phone 803-259-1935 to discuss further.