A Review of The PWS MK 111 MOD 2-M

July 18, 2018 By Dave Young (YoungBuckDave)

This month GTI is proud to announce a partnership with Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) so there is no better time to do a review of the PWS MK 111 MOD 2-M I have had in my possession for about 10 months. During this time, I have put the firearm through its paces and did not hold back in running the gun hard to push it to its limits and try to induce a malfunction. The configuration I have is an AR Pistol (PWS does make an SBR version though), which means instead of a buttstock it has a pistol brace. PWS is known around the firearms industry for their unique long-stroke piston driven ARs. One of the great features about the piston driven PWS ARs is that they have a 3-setting adjustable gas system that can be tweaked to perfection whether the user is shooting with or without a suppressor. The MK 111 MOD 2-M I have is chambered in 223 Wylde with a 1:8 barrel twist. The MK 111 is honestly one of the best ARs I have ever shot and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used in law enforcement and SWAT operations, competition shooting or recreational shooting, home defense, or even hunting! If you buy the MK 111, you can literally use it for any and everything which is everything someone could want when buying an AR.

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) MK 111 MOD 2-M
*PWS MK 111 MOD 2-M in AR Pistol configuration*

The PWS MK 111 MOD 2-M uses a one of a kind design rail that is very unique. The design of the rail is called PicLok, which means it's a combination of the MLOK and picatinny technology. The rail has MLOK attachments on the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock areas and picatinny sections on the front of the rail on the same areas where someone can mount either MLOK or picatinny attachments on the front. It is extremely unique and an amazing design which gives the user ample options of accessories that can be added to the rail. Along with the unique PicLok rail, the forged upper and lower receivers are made with extremely tight tolerances to minimize any wiggle between the upper, lower, and rail. Another great feature that is incorporated in the forged lower is a flared magazine well, which is awesome when you have to do a fast reload. It helps you funnel the magazine into the rifle without looking down at your reload. The entire rifle assembled weighs only 6 pounds, which really shows how amazing that is once you have been shooting your rifle for long periods of time like during a shooting competition, during a law enforcement and/or SWAT raid, or tracking animals during a hunt. Once again, the MK 111 is the ideal rifle for many situations. Basically, you are going to really appreciate the 6 pound rifle greatly if you find yourself having to carry it long distances or holding it up for long periods of time. The light weight of the rifle doesn't affect the muzzle rise either. It shoots incredibly flat with very minimal recoil, which is every shooters dream.

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) MK 111 MOD 2-M
*The unique PicLok Rail Technology on the PWS MK 111 Mod 2-M*

Since I've had the MK 111 MOD 2-M for going on 10 months, I can honestly say I have never experienced a malfunction, and I have definitely put plenty of rounds down range with it. It is very enjoyable to shoot and, even though the barrel is shorter, it is extremely accurate and when put in the hands of an experienced shooter can engage targets with ease at 500yds. In a CQB environment, its short barrel makes it ideal for clearing rooms and working within the tight spaces of an urban structure. The PWS MK 111 MOD 2-M is the second PWS AR I own. I first fell in love with PWS when I bought a MK114. The gun was insanely accurate right out of the box and has never malfunctioned in the entire time I have owned it, which is over 4 years. It is built to be run hard and stay reliable, so I expected the same when I got the MK 111 MOD 2-M and I was not disappointed at all. I highly recommend the MK 111 MOD 2-M to anyone who is looking for a reliable, accurate, and all around awesome AR. It can be used for more than one field, which is the best part. It is like "The only AR you will ever need". I couldn't be more excited that GTI has partnered up with such an amazing company like PWS, but I think it only makes sense that a top-notch training company be partnered with a top-notch company like PWS. There are some BIG things coming in the future, so be on the look out!

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) MK 111 MOD 2-M