Pistol Marksmanship Training 101

May 16, 2018 By JT Timmons - GTI Range Master and Legion Director

We finished up the Pistol Marksmanship Training 101 class Saturday April 28th. It was an incredible class. We had a full class with 12 students, so it couldn’t have worked out any better! We started in the class room at 9:00 for an hour and a half or so and went over a lot of information regarding what real handgun accuracy is and what it takes to achieve it. After that, we went out to the range and worked on "burning in" the fundamentals of marksmanship for the rest of the day, until 5:00. We started the day at 3 yards, we went to 5, 10, 20, 25, and by the end of the day we ended up shooting pistols at 150 yards! Yeah. That's right!

We had a friendly competition "walk back" to determine the class champion. The rules of the competition are; your first attempt at each distance to hit a steel, 3/4 scale silhouette is 2 handed, if you miss, you can have another attempt that is strong hand only and if you miss that one, your last attempt is weak hand only. If you miss that one, you're out of the competition. We started the competition at 25 yards and worked our way back. Out of 12 students, we had 5 make their shot at 100 yards and advance further. 2 of the students, a husband and wife team, who made the 100 yard shot were shooting .380's and one of those went on to make his shot at 125! We had a total of 3 make their shot at 125 and then we had the winner who successfully made his shot at 150 yards!

Awesome day with an enthusiastic group that came a LOOONG way in a short amount of time! Wish you were there! Come join us at the next one!

If you are interested in attending the next Pistol Marksmanship Training course visit our GTI Legion website and see what we have to offer.

GTI Legion Pistol Marksmanship Training