Debra Ann Faretra, M.A.

Debra Ann Faretra

Debra Ann is a psychology public safety instructor and author of a law enforcement mental health book titled, The Mind Behind the Badge. She is a writer with NJBLUENOW, NYBLUENOW, and JERSEYFIREFIGHTERSNOW Magazine. She is also an author to many public safety and military mental health articles.

Debra Ann is educated in both psychology and police and is a PTC certified as a public safety instructor in the state of New Jersey. She instructs police recruits about suicide prevention and teaches in service training to all ranking members of law enforcement on suicide prevention and mental health as it pertains to their profession. In addition, she offers suicide prevention courses to firefighters.

Suicide and trauma are very important topics to Debra Ann and she is passionate about bringing national attention to the very real problems that exist among America's Heroes. However, she believes that the dynamics surrounding each community are unique and not effectively approachable by many.

She comes from a family of police, fire and military and is very patriotic with enormous respect for these professions. She is devoted to facilitating a path of psychological education to reduce mental distress and suicide in America's Heroes.

Debra Ann Faretra

"The military, police, and fire professions rank in the top 5 of the most stressful jobs in the United States. Suicide is the number one cause of death among police officers and is on the rise in firefighters. Military service members and veterans rank very high in suicide and many first responders are military war veterans." She is dedicated to bringing awareness to this growing epidemic and wishes to see our heroes' mental health a top priority.

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