Defensive Vehicle Tactics (DVT)

November 1, 2017 By Government Training Institute

Defensive Vehicle Tactics (DVT)

The civilian side of Government Training Institute, called GTI Legion, has developed a new class that will make its debut on Saturday December 9th called Defensive Vehicle Tactics (DVT). In today's society many people choose to take on the responsibility of carrying a firearm on a daily basis. These people may be off duty law enforcement or former military, but many of them are civilians who carry a firearm to ensure their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. These people spend a lot of time in their vehicles with their firearms. But, what if they were to be put in harm's way while being in their vehicle and carrying their firearm? It is for this reason that GTI has developed a class to properly equip people with the necessary skills to safely and effectively defend themselves in case that situation does arise.

Defensive Vehicle Tactics is a class revolving around the concept of properly deploying your firearm (specifically a pistol) in and around your vehicle. Being able to safely and effectively do this differs significantly from shooting in a defensive situation outdoors or inside a structure. The vehicle itself presents various obstacles that can affect the outcome of the situation. One of the obstacles that students will learn to overcome is the ballistic effect of a bullet as it travels through glass. Another topic that will be covered is shooting in a restricted space, such as sitting in the driver's seat. The new DVT class also instructs participants how to use their vehicle, not only for protection, but also which specific parts of that vehicle offer the most protection to those who are defending themselves. While learning the specific areas of a vehicle that offer the most protection, students will also be learning the proper techniques for shooting over, under, and around their vehicle to ensure their safety while stopping the threat at hand.

Government Training Institute has always taken pride in offering the most effective, realistic, and up to date classes to its students, regardless of whether they are a civilian, military, or law enforcement team. The staff at GTI strives to provide everyone who attends a class with the most cutting-edge training, all created by comprehensive research and the experience of a cadre with over 400 years of combined experience. With all the unknown dangers in the world today, this is just one more way GTI can prepare people to defend themselves and loved ones. This class, along with all the GTI Legion classes, is taught by the same instructors who teach all of the law enforcement and military classes.

Visit the GTI Legion website to sign up for our new Defensive Vehicle Tactics (DVT) class and learn what it takes to survive a life or death situation while you're in and around your vehicle!